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Kindle’s Clue on Retaining Subscribers

Amazon’s Kindle has a program called Kindle Unlimited. For $9.95 a month, you can ‘rent’ 10 Kindle books at a time. It used to be a better deal than it is now, because fewer books are available on Kindle Unlimited, but it’s still a pretty good deal if you read a lot and you don’t want to keep copies of the books you read.

Personally, I tend to buy my Kindle books so that I have access to them in the future, which is why I decided to unsubscribe from Kindle Unlimited today.

But… I didn’t unsubscribe. Amazon convinced me to remain a member, at least for another month.

How did Amazon do it?

When I clicked the unsubscribe button, it took me to a ‘special offer’ page.

The offer was for one free month of Kindle Unlimited, after which time they would again charge me the $9.95 a month.

I took the offer.

And they retained a subscriber. True, they make no money on me this month. But I’ve been procrastinating about unsubscribing, so they’re taking the gamble that true to nature, I will continue to procrastinate and remain a member for a while longer.

Do you have a subscription program? What do you offer subscribers when they want to cancel? If you’re not offering some sort of special deal, you are losing out.

You could make the same offer Kindle gave me, or you could give a special rate, such as 12 months membership for the price of 6 months.

You might even entice them with what you have planned for the membership in the coming weeks and months without offering any discount whatsoever.

Don’t let your paying membership subscribers go without some sort of offer to keep them. They are far too valuable to you and you worked too hard to get them.

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