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Dan Kennedy Method to Earning $1000 Per Email

According to Dan Kennedy, the easiest way to increase your income is to offer premium versions of all of your products.

And from my experience, he is dead on right.

Do you have an ebook? Turn it into a video course and charge 10 times the price. Do you have a video course? Add personal coaching and triple the price.

If you already have products and a responsive email list of your own, I can just about guarantee you can make $1000 or more by sending an email in the next 24 hours.

Just choose one of your products, add personal coaching to it, and send out an email with that offer.

Even if you just do this once a month and earn just $1000 an email, that’s an extra $12,000 a year.

You might call your new product the “Premium Version” of your original product. Add something like personal one on one coaching for maximum value.

What if you don’t have any products of your own but you do have a list? No problem. You can either…

1: Offer personal one on one coaching to everyone who buys a certain affiliate product through you. Just make sure you know the product well. You might meet for coaching after they finish each module of the course, for example.

2: Offer personal one on one coaching in your specialty. What is it that you know best? What can you teach?

Hint: You can always brush up on your topic by taking courses in it yourself and then applying what you learn. It’s not unheard of for someone to do a deep dive into a quality course, apply each lesson, and be ready to teach the material as your own in a few weeks. Just make sure you don’t plagiarize any of the copy and you can show your own results.

Advanced Tip: Limit how many personal coaching slots you offer. If you will only do 3 per month, for example, then the value is much greater because of the perceived scarcity.

By limiting how many you offer it becomes easier to charge, say, $1000 per person and coach 3 people rather than charging $500 and coaching as many as will sign up. You wind up doing less work for more money when you place a limit on coaching slots.

And make your highest priced and most valuable offers available to buyers only as a perk for being in your inner circle of customers.

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