Seth Godin – What’s the Difference Between a Logo and a Brand?

Ask a consumer what’s the difference between a logo and brand, and they’ll probably guess they’re the same thing.
Ask a marketer the same question, and the answers will vary wildly. Frankly, I don’t think most marketers know the difference, and I’m not criticizing. There was a time when I had no clue, either, because unless someone breaks it down for you – not with some B.S. marketing-ese taught in school but with a real-world answer – it’s confusing.

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Sales Copy Tip that Breaks a Golden Rule

If you’ve ever taken a course in writing sales copy, you know that you never, ever reveal the price until you’ve first justified the price.
You’ve got to build value, make the prospect want your product, and drive them into a frenzy of desire. Then you’ve got to show that your product is worth a lot, and I mean a LOT.
Then and only then can you finally reveal the price.

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